The quintessential Indian grocery shopping list

The quintessential Indian grocery shopping list

Indian Grocery Shopping List

Indian households have an endless list of grocery items that are a must have. From spices and seasoning to cooking oils and vegetables, there is an everyday list of items that hold a special place on all kitchen shelves and inside cabinets and drawers. 

An Indian food grocery list includes everyday cooking essentials, party essentials, snacks and much more. Are you looking for a perfect well-curated Indian grocery list that will enhance your cooking? Well, your search for a well-structured and complete grocery list halts here at Viya. 

We have all the groceries you need for seamless cooking and ensure that you aren't short of any spices or key products while you are cooking yours or your family’s favorite food item. 

List as follows:

1. Cooking Oil - The fundamental product that tops the list of every kitchen is the cooking oil. Cooking oils come in a varied range and brands that offer you multiple choices to pick from. Make sure to add this to your cart because this will surely have a special place in your kitchen. 

2. Spices & Seasonings – Indian food without spices is just not possible. Indian masala or spice mixes add flavors to Indian curries. Seasonings, too, play a vital role so make sure to add them to the dishes you are preparing. 

3. Flour - A wide variety of Indian flour is needed for various occasions. For instance, atta or wheat flour to cook soft, delicious Rotis, besan flour to make lip-smacking Indian pakoras, and more. Black Wheat flour has also gained immense popularity from the past few years because of all the health benefits it provides. 

4. Rice – Rice is an Indian staple that finds its place on every Indian food palette. It makes about 50% of our daily food consumption and is stacked and stored in houses on a regular basis to enjoy a warm, fluffy and soft bowl of rice. 

5. Dal - Lentils or dal is used to make warm and relishing Indian curries of various types that are served to everyone. These lentils have a distinctive and mouth-watering taste that can be relished every day. Lentils like moong dal, tur dal, arhar dal, masoor dal, and more are a must for your grocery shopping. 

6. Sugar and Salt - Be a warm cup of coffee or a cool relishing lemonade, both sugar and salt are a quintessential part of an Indian grocery list. From food to juices and drinks, sugar and salt are a vital part of every kitchen. 

7. Tea and Coffee – We all love a warm cup of tea or coffee as soon as we wake up in the morning. These staples are an essential part of our lives that help to keep us awake and fresh. 

There is lots more that can be added to this list of grocery items. If you are looking for excellent quality grocery and kitchen essentials for your home, then do check out the Viya range on your next visit to the supermarket.

23rd May 2022 Viya

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