Delicious Indian Plant-Based Dishes

Delicious Indian Plant-Based Dishes

Indian cuisine is not only rich in variety but also provides delicious plant-based dishes. The use of plants as food sources has been prevalent since ancient times and continues today with over 1000 different types available across India! The most delicious plant-based dishes can be found in India. Plant based foods are healthier and more sustainable than animal products, but they don't have to be bland! 

What is Plant - Based? 

The term “plant-based” was invented in the world of nutritional science when researchers noticed that people who eat plants tend to have lower rates for heart disease than those without any dietary restrictions at all. Nowadays, it's not just about being healthy anymore - many also want their food sources sustainable and environmentally friendly!

One such way we can do this is by eating more fruits & vegetables which are both packed full with nutrients but don't use up water or land resources like other types of meat products would. Indian cuisine is rich in flavour and spices. The main focus of plant-based diets includes eating whole foods, which means the food has undergone little processing; it's consumed close to its natural state like what you would find at an Indian restaurant! 

We've gathered a list for some easy to follow list of recipes - enjoy trying them out with your friends or family members who don't already know about this delicious tradition from across world cultures: 

1) Mixed Dal Indian cuisine is a rich and diverse tradition, with many different types of dishes. One such dish that can be found in almost every Indian household contains lentils - dal. This dish for lentils is a creamy blend of five commonly used dals in an Indian kitchen (urud, chana dal, green moong and toor). It can be overwhelming to differentiate between the types but don't worry we have got you covered! You will easily find all the ingredients on the Viya Imports website which can also be easily delivered to your door-step.

This delicious recipe for lentil soup is protein-packed and made with five different types of dal. The tadka at the end takes it to new heights in flavour! 

2) Aloo Gobi Aloo gobi is a dish that originates from the north Indian state of Sikkim. It's made by cooking potatoes in an aromatic sauce with cumin and red chilli powder, before adding veggies like carrots or onions for extra flavour! 

Some common variations you might find when eating aloo gobi include the addition or substituting spices like cumin seeds (jeera), coriander leaves/cilantro roots alongside tomato sauce etc. 

3) Bandh Gobhi Matar (Cilantro & Peas) Cilantro and peas are the most common side dishes served at Indian homes. And for good reason, this simple dish is a go-to that calls for just four spices: cayenne pepper (or red chilli), coriander seeds or dry parsley leaves - no oil needed!

This simple side dish is a regular part of Indian homes. An authentic, humble food that calls for just four ingredients and takes very little time to make in your Instant Pot!

Indian cuisine is all about the spices, flavour and aroma from fresh vegetables. If you are looking for a way to spice up your dinner table with some Indian flavours then consider trying out plant-based recipes!

The popularity of Indian food around Australia has been on the rise. Head to your local Indian Grocery Store to find all of the fresh vegetables, fruits, and spices you need to make a delicious plant-based dish.

12th Dec 2022 Viya

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