7 Essential Spices Used In Indian Cooking

7 Essential Spices Used In Indian Cooking

All Indian households are known to have s grandmother’s box of secret spices.

Which when added to any curry would add tremendous goodness to the taste, thereby making it the most sumptuous and delectable dish ever. Their is a mystery box full of spices, the mystery box can be called a Pandora of spices sourced from all over India

and these spices can truly be called the heartbeat of Indian cuisine. Indian spices are known to add

aroma and enhance the flavor of whichever dish they are added to.

Among the wide array of spices popular in India, there are 7 essential spices that are an absolute staple for Indian cuisine.

1) Black Pepper – 

Known as the king of spices, most Indian Dishes are equipped with it so as to

add a slight pungent taste and aroma. These tiny little, minute seeds add the needed fire to

any meal. Black pepper is rich in nutrients and helps to improve digestion, increases

metabolism and is known to treat skin problems.

2) Turmeric - 

Also known as the golden spice, it is added to Indian food for the much needed

colour and aroma. Turmeric is usually added at the beginning of the cooking process and is

sauteed with ingredients such as onion, ginger, garlic and tomatoes. This all rounder Indian

spice is also immensely popular because of its health benefits.

3) Cumin - 

Those small and crescent shaped cumin seeds are extremely rich in aroma and can

add immense taste and an earthy flavour to any Indian dish. This spice is rich in manganese

and also contains carcinogenic properties.

4) Coriander - 

Coriander plays a vital role in Indian cooking and can be used in its whole or

ground form. Rich with a strong aroma, coriander is one of the most popular spices used in

making curries. It helps in proper blood circulation in the body and has extremely cooling

properties which help in digestion.

5) Cardamom - 

This spice could be termed as an essential ingredient in Indian cooking and has

a strong, sweet flavour with a mild pungency. Cardamom is used in meat based dishes,

gravies and some Indian desserts. This popular spice helps to improve digestion and lower

blood pressure among other health benefits.

6) Cinnamon - 

Mild in taste with a sweet and earthy flavour, cinnamon is a popular spice in

most parts of India. It is used in popular desserts such as baklava, churros, cakes, pies and

more. Cinnamon is used to add sweetness to many chutneys, jams and jellies too.

7) Nutmeg and Mace –

Nutmeg and Mace are two popular spices used in Indian cuisine. Having

an earthy, slightly spicy and delicate flavour, many sweet and savoury dishes along with

desserts carry the sweet taste of Nutmeg and Mace. These spices are used to treat cough

and digestive issues.

With the addition of these popular Indian spices, any curry can get an enhanced flavour and aroma.

These spices have been known to make people all over the world fans of Indian cooking. You can buy

whole spices in raw form or powdered, As per your requirement. If you are looking for best quality

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23rd Sep 2021 Viya

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