Indian Sweets To Make Every Celebration Special

Indian Sweets To Make Every Celebration Special

India is a country with a rich culture and legacy and loads of good Indian food and yummy delicacies.

To make every celebration special and memorable from North to South and East to West, Indians express their

joy and happiness in the form of Indian desserts and Indian food,  that are a quintessential part of every special occasion. Every

celebration carries with it various kinds of mithai to commemorate every special day.

Apart from birthday celebrations, all Indian festivals or occasions are bound to have sumptuous food
and a vast variety of desserts ranging from Ladoo, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Kaju Barfi and many
more. Whether it is the Gujiya that is appreciated during Holi or the Modak that is offered as Prasad
during Ganesh Chaturthi or the Rasogulla that completes every Durga Puja celebration, we Indians have
a whole list of sweets that everyone loves to gorge on. There is a ritual of the first contribution of the
Prasad being offered to God and then to every other person.

Indians believe in enjoying desserts or mithai themselves but they also want others to enjoy them as

well. Regardless of whether it is the introduction of a new born baby, a vehicle or another house, no

event is complete without the customary dessert box or mithai ka dabba. Diwali will not be adequately

brilliant and Holi will be less colourful and vivid if these mouthwatering desserts are not present on the


No Indian festival is at any point complete without a luscious box of Sweets. “Muh Mitha Kijiye” is an

absolutely essential and a ‘not to be missed' part of any occasion.

Viya Imports has it’s own signature sweets which are prepared for celebrations. So, if you are looking for

some mouthwatering Gulab Jamuns, Rasogullas or Cham Cham for your next celebration, then do check

out our website.

While contemporary sweets are now being replaced by cakes, cupcakes and chocolates, the taste and

likeability of authentic mithai still remains unmatchable.

24th Sep 2021 Viya

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