Benefits of Desi Ghee

Benefits of Desi Ghee

What is a Ghee?

When water and milk is removed from butter, Ghee is formed. Ghee has been used since decades in

Indian households. No meal is complete without a generous dollop of ghee in the dal, rice or roti. Not

only is ghee used in cooking but it also plays a vital role in puja ceremonies and has a great significance

in Ayurvedic medicine too.

Ghee is extensively used all across Indian households because of it being a great digestive. It helps to

improve absorption and assimilation. Processed ghee is known to be the best but there are various

cheap varieties available in the market that can do more harm than good.

In many Indian families, ghee is consumed daily, where a meal is considered incomplete without a generous spoonful of it. Whether we lather it on to our chapatis or love to see it floating on our dal, ghee is quintessential to Indian

cuisine and we all love it. Indian mothers have always been known to feed their kids with ghee so as to keep them strong and healthy.

The intake of ghee is extremely popular in winters because it tends to keep our body warm. Ironically,

the ghee that freezes in winters, warms up our body. This is the reason why it is so largely adored in

Indian sweet preparations such as halwa, pinni or panjeeri.

Ghee helps to unclog a blocked nose. No one appreciates a clogged nose as it can make it difficult for

you to breathe but ayurveda has a very uncanny remedy for blocked nose or common cold. The remedy

involves pouring a few drops of warm ghee into your nostrils in the morning. 

Doing this can provide you instant relief as the warm ghee travels all the way through your nasal passage and opens the blocked nose. Remember, to use desi ghee warmed to the right lukewarm temperature.

Ghee is an excellent source of energy and contains both medium as well as short chain fatty acids and

this is the reason why you often see young mothers gorging on ghee ladoos to gain their lost energy

after childbirth.

Ghee is also counted on for its content of butyric acid, which helps to boost the health of your intestinal

walls. Due to irregularities in our daily lifestyle, bowel movements could sometimes be an issue. Ghee

can be your saviour as taking one or two tablespoons of ghee in a warm cup of milk can work wonders

for you.

In conclusion, ghee has some amazing health benefits and if you’re not already using it, then do try out

the Desi Ghee from Viya Imports. Made from pure cow milk, this is as natural as it can get. Try it for

yourself and elevate your health and your dishes with the flavorful touch of Desi Ghee from Viya.

27th Sep 2021 Viya

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