Indian pickles and chutneys

Indian pickles and chutneys

India is recognised for its rich culture as well as its wide range of foods. Chutneys and pickles

are essential ingredients in Indian cuisine. To consume their cuisine, every home has a variety

of chutneys and pickles.

During the summers, it is not uncommon to see various fruits and vegetables cut and set out on

plastic sheets or cotton bed sheets on the terraces of Indian homes, left to dry in the soft winter

sun. Be it chillies, lemon or carrots, we mix them with spices, dry them and make pickles. In

India, pickles are generally produced by women, and each one has its procedure with specific

directions that must be followed. It usually starts with drying chopped fruits and vegetables in

the sun.

Other than pickles, chutneys are another thing that we Indians love to have with our food. There

are myriads of tasty and spicy Indian chutneys. The most fascinating aspect of chutney is how it

has changed throughout time. It might surprise you to learn that the majority of well-known

chutneys are Anglo-Indian concoctions.

History of Indian Chutneys and Pickles

Will you believe it if we say that chutneys and pickles were not found anywhere in the recent

past. Instead, it all began in India a long time back. Moreover, they're Anglo-Indian creations

that arose throughout the British empire's colonial control. When the first chutneys were thought

to have been made, those were quite simple and barely spiced, and their production was more

comparable to pickling. We don't know about the chutney or pickle that was made for the first

time, but one thing that we know for sure is that these were made a long time back. And, from

the time they were discovered, they evolved, giving rise to some of the popular Indian chutneys

and Pickles today.

Famous Indian Chutneys

If we talk about Indian Chutneys, in particular, there are many of them here that we have with

our food. But, if we come to the most famous ones, some have become common in many

households. Coriander leaves chutney, tomato chutney, imli chutney and mint chutney are the

most popular traditional Indian chutneys in the present time. Other than those, coconut chutney

is also famous, especially in South India, as people there like to have Dosa and idli along with

Sambar and coconut chutney.

Do you know that the tamarind chutney can be preserved for a long time while the others have a

short shelf life? Chutneys made of tomato, coconut and mint etc. last only for 3-4 days

maximum, which also when kept with great care and in good condition. But, no matter the

ingredients, chutneys add a great flavour to Indian food.

Famous Indian pickles

You all will agree if we say that with pickles, the taste of the food we have gets doubled. We

Indians just love pickles. You can see various fruits or vegetables getting dried on terraces and

balconies of almost every house in India and that depicts our love for pickles. The most famous

pickle in India is a Mango pickle as the tangy and spicy taste it has is unbeatable. Other than

mango, lemon, chillies, Carrot and onion pickles are also quite famous. You must have seen

people, especially women, making pickles of several kgs of fruits or vegetables. This is because

they prepare pickles and preserve them to have them for the rest of the year.


Pickles and chutneys are two of the most popular dishes among Indians. The recipes for pickles

and chutneys have evolved, but our love for them has remained constant. Sweet and spicy

chutneys, as well as tangy pickles, enhance the flavour of all of our dishes. It would not be

inaccurate to say that many people's meals are incomplete without pickles and chutneys. Are

you looking forward to buying pickles or chutneys? You can buy Viya chutneys and Pickles

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