How Does Ghee Benefit You?

How Does Ghee Benefit You?

Ghee and it's benefits

Do you have a soft spot for ghee? Do you serve it with meals at your house? If so, that's

fantastic! We all know that Ghee is nothing more than milk-based clarified butter. 

Ghee always has a good effect on our health. But, we can say that the best type of ghee comes out when it is

not processed much.

We can say that if you want to buy the best quality ghee, you should go for Pure desi ghee. Do

you know that Ghee is high in omega-3 fatty acids? 

Moreover, we can say that it has a many health advantages. This is the main reason why it is considered one of the best remedies.

Ghee is used in almost every house in various recipes which is a good thing because using

ghee instead of processed oils is healthier. 

But why are we claiming this? We're saying that ghee is superior to other oils since it has a wide range of critical nutrients and health advantages.

What are the nutrients present in Ghee?

Ghee is rich in many nutrients, and therefore you should prefer it over any kind of oil. We are

not saying that you can't use oil. 

Of course, you can because it's your choice, but it is a fact that

ghee is rich in nutrients.


Many of you might believe that ghee's high fat content is harmful to our health. But, only a

few people know that fat is one of the most important elements that our bodies require to

function properly. 

Ghee is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats that are important

for our brain and heart. It also gives the body a lot of energy.


Other than fat, there are various vitamins present in Ghee. We all know how

important it is for us to consume vitamin rich food products. 

And ghee provides us with vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E.

Benefits of Ghee

Ghee doesn't just add more taste to your meals, it benefits your health as well. Let us have a

look at some of the health benefits of Ghee.

Good for eyesight: 

When you consume ghee, it benefits your eyes in many ways and lowers the possibility of eye diseases. Moreover, it helps you get a better vision as well.

Treats cough: 

One of the most common problems that you face in winters is cold and cough. 

But, do you know that you can easily get rid of a cough by consuming a spoon of hot ghee?

Yes, it is a remedy that people are using for many decades now.

Increases good cholesterol:

Ghee is known for increasing the good cholesterol levels in our

body and is advantageous for your heart.

Treats constipation: 

Only a few people know that ghee is good for the digestive system. You

just need to consume a spoon of ghee before sleeping and it will help in treating your



When you use ghee to cook food or have it along with your meal such as with chapati, rice, or

khichdi etc., it surely increases its taste. But, along with that, it provides you with many health


It is good for your various body organs. It has good fats which your body requires to function properly. Not just this, it makes your immunity system better as well. 

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18th Dec 2021 Viya

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